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Photographs courtesy of Jerry Yang and Susie Bors

At Woodside Vaulters we are committed to providing high-quality and level appropriate competition opportunities for all competitive vaulters. Our introductory vaulters who are passionate about vaulting can advance to Development and High Performance Teams.

Our Development Team are trot vaulters who compete in local competitions at the Tiny Tot, Preliminary Trot, and Trot levels individually.  Based on the number of vaulters at these levels, vaulters may also participate on a Preliminary Trot, Two Phase, Trot Pas de Deux,  or Trot Team. 


Our Development Canter and High Performance athletes are canter vaulters who compete at Copper, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels individually, as well as on "Junior Team", "B Team", "C Team", Two Phase or Canter Pas de Deux Teams.  Our higher-level vaulters compete at local competitions as well as National and International competitions at the highest elite level. 

Our Competition Philosophy: Participating in competitions is just one component of the sport of vaulting and our program at Woodside Vaulters. Our focus is on the process of preparing for and engaging in the activity of being a competitive vaulter on a team – not on the outcome of any team or individual in any given event. In general, this includes:

• Setting goals

• Preparing a timeline

• Developing skills continuously

• Being safe

• Engaging and participating in a supportive and cooperative community

• Celebrating accomplishments

• Having fun!

What this looks like varies based on each vaulter's age and vaulting level.  At Woodside Vaulters we celebrate all vaulters for their accomplishments regardless of their placement in competition. Through this approach our vaulters achieve many personal successes as well as high accolades in the vaulting community.

Woodside Vaulter's recently recognized include:

2017 Bronze Medal in Pas De Deux at the FEI Junior World Vaulting Championships 

2017 7th place in Squad at the FEI Junior World Vaulting Championships 

2017 USA Equestrian Vaulter of the Year Champion, Janie Salisbury 

2017 American Vaulting Association C Team of the Year

2016 USA Equestrian Vaulter of the Year Champion, Elizabeth Osborn

2015 Bronze Medal in Pas De Deux at the FEI Junior World Vaulting Championships 

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