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Is Vaulting Safe?
Facility Rules

To keep the Horse Park a safe environment for everyone who uses the property (including other boarders and competitors at the Horse Park), please follow these safety rules:

  • All dogs must be on a leash.

  • ​When parking at the Horse Park, please park as close to the Woodside Vaulters barn as possible.  Many of those that we share the property with require space on the left to maneuver horse trailers.

  • Unless given permission by their coaches, all vaulters must be supervised by their parent or guardian outside the arenas before and after their class times.  When bringing your child to class, please walk your child to the coach – do not drop them in the parking lot.  Similarly, please personally collect your child at the end of class.  For the safety of your child, we ask that you don’t expect them to meet you at your car in the parking lot. The lot is sometimes very busy, and not a safe place for our youngest vaulters.

  • Only vaulters are allowed in the arenas during class. 

  • We want to keep the horses, the vaulters on them, and those on the barrel as safe as possible. To do this, we try to minimize the number of people moving around the horses. This also helps keep the classes running smoothly, without distractions or interruption.  There are benches and picnic tables located all around the outside of the arena. All the spectators are welcome to watch from the benches, including friends.

  • Only vaulters registered with Woodside Vaulters may use the barrels, mats, and other vaulter/gymnastic equipment.

  • Running is not permitted anywhere on the property except in the vaulting arena.

Thank you!

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