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Parent Participation Requirements

The club is truly a family organization: parent involvement in operations, facilities, and fundraising is essential to ensuring the success and safety of the vaulters.  Beyond our paid coaching, lounging and riding staff, Woodside Vaulters is a parent-operated, non-profit club.  Though we ask less of our introductory families, all families are asked to do the following:

Participate in community outreach events and activities. We rely on our families to share their enthusiasm for and commitment to the sport  in order to help recruit new vaulters.  The healthier our roster, the better able we are to maintain our high quality programming and expand and diversify our offerings for all levels of vaulters. 

Help maintain our facility and equipment.  Periodically, we need our families to contribute their time for routine maintenance and special projects around the barn. Sometimes, we'll call upon those with specific skills. But, more often than not, we just need some of your time and elbow grease.

Work at Woodside Spring Fest

This is a competition we host and completely run – including directing cars where to park, assisting the judges as clerks, selling food concession, everything.  It is typically scheduled the first weekend in June. We require all families with participating vaulters to set aside the weekend to assist with this event.  This fabulous local competition for our competitive vaulters is also a fundraiser for the club.  

​​Take on an operational role
The club is managed by parents who volunteer their time.  There is a tremendous amount of work, and we are always looking for volunteers. If you would be interested in taking on an operational role in the club, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Donna Calia, at  Whatever your skills and interests, we have a role for you!

Contribute to fundraising efforts. Parent participation is integral to the financial health of the organization.  When needs arise outside of standard operating costs, your contributions are essential to support the ongoing, safe, and successful vitality of the club.

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