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Our Staff


Our coaches are experienced in working with children, as well as coaching and competing at vaulting at the highest levels.  Our longeurs are lifelong horse people who match the strength of our coaches in depth of experience.


Krista Mack

High Performance Coach

Trot Coach


Horse Manager and Trainer

Krista Mack has longued for Woodside Vaulters since 2002, and is currently our head horse trainer.  Krista was born and raised in Woodside and grew up riding in Woodside Pony Club and Woodside Jr Riders.  She has coached trot through Jr Team at Woodside Vaulters, and competed at the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina with Elizabeth Osborn and Atterupgaards Sting.  In 2007 and 2014, Krista won the AVA Trainer of the Year award for her consistent, high-level training of Woodside Vaulters' horses, who have won three AVA Horse of the Year awards and five USEF Vaulting Horse of the Year awards. 

Siddartha Kreaden
High Performance Individuals Coach


Sidd started vaulting at the age of 8 years old at Woodside Vaulters. She currently vaults at the Senior 3* level. At the age of 16 Sidd represented the United States as a member of the Woodside Vaulters Squad. In 2015, Sidd vaulted as a member of the Junior Squad at the first-ever Junior World Championships in the Netherlands. Sidd and Team USA took home the bronze! Currently, Sidd is coaching and training with the hopes that she will qualify for the Senior World Vaulting Championships in 2023 in Bern, Switzerland.


Liz Pernicka

C Team Coach

Elizabeth Pernicka (formerly Osborn) is a lifelong Woodside Vaulter, having competed with Woodside Vaulters until she retired in 2018. She competed as both an individual and team vaulter, and holds national titles for Gold Women's Champion and National A-Team Champion. She competed internationally as a Senior 3* Individual at the World Equestrian Games and World Championships in 2006, 2008, 2016 and 2018. Her highest achievements include placing in the top 10 as a Senior 3* Individual at the World Championships in 2008 and 2016, and earning the Bronze medal with the Senior Team at the World Championships in 2008. She currently works full time as a project manager for clinical research trials in the division of Neurocritical Care at

Sarah Twohig
Barn Manager
Competitive Trot and Canter Coach

Sarah has been with Woodside Vaulters since 2013. She started with Woodside Vaulters as a groom, and in 2015 became a lunger. Sarah has been around vaulting since the age of 7, and has been riding horses since she could sit up straight. She has been a groom at 4 world championships, and in 2021 was promoted to head groom and barn manager at the Senior World Championships in Budapest. She currently lunges for the trot and canter programs, rides several of our horses when they are not in class, and is Woodside Vaulters Barn Manager. 

Caroline Morse
High Performance Individauls Coach
Trot Coach
_WV Annual Meeting 2022.pptx (9).jpg
Caroline is currently a Junior at Santa Clara University where she is majoring in psychology. In addition to school, she is training to qualify for the Senior World Championships in 2022. In 2019, Caroline represented the United States at the Junior World Championships in Ermelo, Netherlands. She is a member of Silicon Valley Vaulting Club and has been coaching for Woodside Vaulters since August of 2020. 
_WV Annual Meeting 2022.pptx.jpg
Hanna Parker
Trot Individuals Coach

Development Canter Coach

Hanna has been vaulting for 13 years and is currently competing at the Silver level. She has mostly vaulted on teams over the years but since the pandemic is now vaulting as an individual. Hanna grew up in the vaulting world with her mom, who was a vaulter and is high-level coach. Outside of vaulting, Hanna is a Junior at Crystal Springs Uplands School and participates in year-round theater and dance programs.

IMG_0313 (2).JPG
Anna Calia
Trot Individuals Coach
Trot Team
Anna is a Senior in high school and has been vaulting for 7 years. Anna vaulted for Woodside Vaulters on Trot Team, and as a flyer on the B team and 2018 Junior Squad. As part of the Junior Squad she competed in California, Utah, and Saumur France. Anna currently competes as a Silver individual. In addition to vaulting Anna loves riding horses, photography, and her four dogs. Fun fact - Her first season vaulting Anna was teammates with fellow Trot Team coach Tessa Cooperstein. They are still the best of friends.

Tessa Cooperstein


Trot Individuals Coach


Trot Team Coach

Tessa is a Senior at Kehila Jewish School in Palo Alto. Tessa vaulted with Woodside Vaulters for 5 years, competing on Trot Team, C Team, B Team and Canter Individuals.  In addition to spending a semester at Art school in Napa, Tessa has spent time over the last few years focused on service work in Guatemala, delivering bunk beds and stoves to people in rural areas and providing health education to young women. In her spare time Tessa enjoys listening to music, taking walks and spending time with her dog, Kola.

Madeline Tzifas


Trot Individuals Coach

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